Using make and writing Makefile ( in C++ or C )


In this Video we will see How to use make command and make file and How to make SIMPLE C++ Makefile. A makefile is a specially formatted text file that a UNIX program called ‘make’ can interpret. Basically, the makefile contains a list of requirements for a program to be ‘up to date.’ The make program looks at these requirements, checks the timestamps on all the source-files listed in the makefile, and re-compiles any files which have an out-of-date timestamp. generally GCC and Make is used to to compile, link and build your c or C++ program. This is A Simple Makefile Tutorial in which you will learn how to write a makefiles with good makefile example. I will explainn What is a makefile ? Makefile with sub-directories, Makefile steps, Make File Tutorial, makefile c++ tutorial, make file tutorial, how to make software in c++, makefile tutorial g++, makefile template c++.

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  1. does the order of the file dependency matter
    eg: hello: function1.o main.o function2.o
    is the above command executed same as the one shown in the video

  2. Honestly it was a very good video and it helped me to revise in a nutshell what makefile was all about. Keep up the good work @ProgrammingKnowledge

  3. Awesome! I knew almost nothing before about Makefiles, but after this video
    I was able to understand what are the targets, what are the dependencies, when you need to use
    tab and why, when to use space, and how to write clear and modular makefiles!
    It explains things very very clearly.
    Thank you man!

  4. why create make file if we can make execute file from any number of file just using the command
    g++ *.cpp -o hello


    Dude… you wouldn't believe how high the barrier of entry is for a layman just trying to use stuff off github…

  6. hy bro thanks for the tutorial .I have a doubt . The main use of cmake comes when there is more files to compile,that is it is not possible to compile each file. Then why are you adding main.cpp ,function 1.cpp and function 2.cpp in makefile. What if we have 1000 files .we want to add each file in makeFile one by one?

  7. sir, can u make video on compilation using makefile in modular programming
    we know this simple type of makefile but when it comes to modular we get stuck
    can u make video on this .
    (Makefile in Modular Programming)


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