Visual Studio C# Serial Communication (Serial Port) tutorial 3.Receive Data (3/6)


This is a continuance tutorial video about Visual C# serial communication. This is very useful when you want to interface your PC to external devices. This continuance tutorial video, talk about how to create your own Serial Terminal.

In two my previous video, I explain how to create a serial data transmitter handler. In this video i will explain you, how to add several control to handle upcoming serial data.

Hope you enjoy this, thanks for watching :). Please keep watching for my next video.

Here is Next Video About Create Setup File from this project


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  1. Hello dear. Thank you so much for your great job. I'm really doing it useful.

    How about Arduino program? Could share Arduino file? I am trying send and receive data to Arduino but isn't working. Therefore, teraterm is working without problem. Thank you

  2. I have two devices (sensors) USB emulating COM Port. One this devices after the send command to turn ON; auto send data every 1 second in this format: "00,00000,00000,00000,00000" and the other device need a command to return data in this format: "00,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000" and have one timer for this. My app send command to the devices and turn on the LEDs! My question is: How to receive this datas?

  3. Hi first of all, thank you for sharing your knowledge with this types of exercises, really thankyou. I have a question, using this example , if I use it for weigh machine connected in a COM port, Is it easy using this code to get the kg or g into the textbox? or is totally different to set it up to get the data?

  4. The Received data is in what format? When data from the Arduino comes into the port and I read it in a text box, and then try to check a database to see if the incoming string of text has been recorded before, the search string gives me a blank result but if I copy the incoming data from the text box and the paste it right back into the same text box… the search results work and populates my fields. Something is wrong with the data coming into the port. I've run a line of code to check it which checks to see if the characters in the string are recognizable and they are. So if the data contains characters it recognized, it sends me a result showing the match. But if I record that string in a database field, it doesn't allow it to match the string input. What do you think is happening. It's not the rn char either. I checked that. Thanks.

  5. Great tutorial! One of the best I've seen so far and I had to search for some time. I learned some important stuff following it.
    Can you tell me how can I send and receive data from the same COM port number? I have a device that I have to send some commands to it via COM4. The device gives a response back that I want to read… but it gives the response also via COM4. What do you think I should do? Thanks!

  6. Sangat membantu sekali bro catur, sangat bermanfaat ilmunya..
    Tapi sekedar saran untuk penjelasan nya juga di berikan supaya kita dapat memahami :))
    Good job, terus berkarya


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