Visual Studio C# Serial Communication Tutorial


This video tutorial shows how we can access the Serial Port on our computer using Visual Studio C# Windows Forms Application. We can use this to establish serial communication between devices such as micro-controllers. To test the application, I have used an Arduino Uno.



  1. Thank you. A very good video – easy to understand and follow. 2 requests: 1) could you add the code as a file, so it will be easy to debug. 2) could you share the arduino design you used on the other hand? Also a question: is it possible to identify automatically the port that is connected to the arduino and it's baudrate?

  2. so this is the same video, of the last two parts
    nothing improved , how to send and recevie data with two systems, two arduino, two terminals.
    if you can, do that vid soon.

  3. I did the steps from the video but I receive this error:
    the name 'serialport1' does not exist in the current context visual
    Do you have any idea?

  4. Would you please share the source… (after following step by step the tutorial (its quite easy for newbie like me, I think its better without the source)


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