WEB API Project In c# Online Exam Test In MVC asp.net 4.6


#webapiproject #onlineexam

consume web api into mvc with jquery to create online test exam with radiobutton options from database sql server


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  1. Hello, i have question when you make new controller in 7:52 you add new object "oe=nd.onlineexams" what is onlineexams ? In my project i don't have such properties like onlineexams. Btw. best tutorial i've ever seen 😀

  2. Hello, liked your demonstration very much, it was a very simple example but yet very elegant. Have you done a video or could you please do one adding a text box dynamically? Like in a ListView the last row is to add a record. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Sir iam waiting for listview grouping SQL statement in listview in windows application in c#… IIF possible I need grouping cells in datagridview windows application using SQL statement in c#


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