What is a HashSet?


In this video I explain what HashSets and HashMaps are, and a little bit about their internals.
Having a basic understanding of these data structures is essential to understanding certain technical contraptions in Minecraft, such as 1.12 permaloaders and double tile tick scheduling (including the wireless redstone I showed last year).
A more in-depth video on the internals is still to come.

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  1. 12:14 places it in square? #2. Starting from 1, it gets put in the third box. However, the box's counting starts from 0. Some people might assume it starts from one and be confused

  2. Cool i'm the 2000th subscriber

    You're to redstone engineers what redstone engineers are to the rest of us ! Best mind that ever played Minecraft !

  3. Really refreshed my memories on these concepts. How about doing some analysis on real minecraft classes’ codes sometime? That will certainly makes the purpose of using hashset in minecraft even clearer.

  4. I know what I'll be running tonight while I sleep. Not only will it help me memorize the information to a greater degree, but hopefully Ill have a dream about a cup of tea!

  5. "Sets are maps with null values"

    This seems weird to me. Why waste the memory? Is there a reason or was it just easier to implement this way (i.e. lazy/smart devs)?


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