What Programming Language Should I Learn First?


What programming language to learn first? Watch this video to find out.

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  1. If anyone is interested what is React, check this application. @t React makes coding experience a lot fun. And it makes your application work faster than conventional alternatives. You can learn Javascript and React together. Do not wait just immerse yourself into coding. @t

  2. Hey YK, what do you think about being some sort of TD for VFX or film? I think Python is the language used for tools for Maya? Thanks for the channel!

  3. I learned Python language and I do not know how to use it. My combination learned html,css,php,c++, Python. Now what to do with this.how to merge all this into one "no idea." Please

  4. I dont know any and im about to start learning PHP because there is a great demand for it in my location. Am I doing it right? xD

  5. I woke up this morning
    My hungry brain was yearning,
    Went to school by buss
    Only to learn C++…
    Fuck this shit.. I'll learn some Python
    Binding C++ with Cython
    While the kids were learning Java..
    I was Kotlin it like lava ?
    LISP, KOBOL& Objective C
    Learn some programming from me
    If you don't understand my coding
    You will never hear me moaning
    Though your looks are very great
    My heart'll soon encrypt to hate
    Use lists, arrays and stacks
    The algorithms to my jocks
    You can't only send me nudes..
    You're a bug who's growing pubes
    You're at my merciful will

  6. I self thought myself some python before realizing no one in my country is using it and it's all about java or c#. Even all those programming bootcamps mostly only push java courses.

  7. i love coding..know the basics of java(blue j platform) and c++..dont know how to resume my journey…help me out..plzz..anyone….

  8. For me it was easy to learn c++ . Sorry I’m just being bias. Right now I’m trying to learn python and sql to hopefully get a job as a data analyst.

  9. I need to create a software that will take data from sensors and send back commands for servos. I'm thinking of turning my old ps3 into a linux computer and using that to control the system. Any ideas what programming language I should learn? Thanks for the help!

  10. JAVASCRIPT should be every ones first language if they are planning to go for web dev.
    Its needed in almost every job and required to know .
    Phyton on the other hand isn't needed on a lot of jobs and its too easy imo .Once you get used to Phyton you will think the other languages are too hard.

  11. Basically I have to learn HTML, CSS, Java Script then combine those with Python, Django and Flask. God, I have a lot of homework to do! Plus the only thing I know of code is print "Hello World"

  12. I recommend you to learn C language cause it is easier and you can learn other language with eaze once you learned C. Python is easy for first but hard later. If you learn C first then you can learn python in a month.
    I totally don't recommend JavaScript first if don't you want to create website only.


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