Why C++ for Game Development


In this video I try to answer some questions I got why to use C++ for game development. I focus in this short video on:

* Performance [00:30]
* Memory management [01:36]
* Learning programming concepts [02:45]
* The C++ community [04:03]

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  1. I have not learned C++ but I do notice some things that you need to learn before C++ because I noticed in the video while you are coding that it still uses if, else or switch statements in JavaScript so it is like a stepping stone upwards to C++ so once you learn the basics the rest is second nature. Congratulations you are ready to learn C++

  2. After trying many programming languages, I think C++ is the best out there in terms of ease of use, a finer degree of control, productivity and performance.

  3. Going to computer science for college and we're learning C++ right now.. Not a complete nerd at it considering im just college 1st term 😛
    So far pretty interesting. Hoping it's worth learning C++ though.
    I'd love to hear anyones opinion about it! 😀 😛

  4. I can go to a school in edmonton alberta which is a hour from where I live and I can take a 2 year program and learn to program and make games and they also teach C++

  5. Hi I am deciding what path I should take going forward. I have never developed a game before but I have been developing websites and software for the last 3 years. I am now looking to move to Gaming for personal interest. I want to start learning the correct language from the start. I'm worried Unity is going to Limit me and that C++ is the better way to go. But I am not sure as everything I know has been for Software development, Api's and such for client Services.
    Please can you advise a path and why? What will I be able to build anything I want with without the stress of running into roadblocks?

  6. Hey guys, I've been coding for aboot a half and a half focusing on web dev. I've been thinking of getting into game development, but not sure where to start. Any recommendations?

  7. Hey, I did a very basic introduction to Python for a module recently. Just wondered whether you can make games in Python in the meantime until branching out to c#/c++? Literally learned for and while loops, importing maths functions and basic graphing (part of a physics course) etc. But from what I did learn I have literally no idea how you'd even begin to make a basic game like pong, never mind a 3D game. Any thoughts or advice on how to proceed?

  8. It does not mean you are lazy to learn concept, it’s just there are people who do not have time and would get little work done in the long wrong due to how long it would take for each person to understand it.

  9. I started with it and I'm keeping with it but I think Ill postpone it until I understand another language fully

  10. Nothing wrong with starting with c++ tho.. I started with c++ and later I found Python to be fuckin hard to understand rather 🙂

  11. I need to learn C++ for my CS degree. I'm searching for a "fun" way to learn this language. I think the better approach for me is to build a game since i get easily bored. Do you think it's better to explore c++ as language before starting to create games? I come from a web development background. Last question, can you suggest me some nice courses?

  12. Hi Jayanam. I want to learn how to make 2D and 3D games in C++, but I’m not sure whether to start in Visual Studio, Unreal or Unity. I tried searching for Unity C++ videos on YouTube, but they all seem to have C# in their text. It looks like I’d have to use that Marshalling step you talked about, if I want to code in Unity. I saw the Unreal logo in your video just now, but the Window showed “Visual Studio” labeled at the top. Do you know any C++ video tutorials I could start with, and which SDK/API and Extensions/Tools/Asset-types for me to use? I have some basic OpenGL SL ES knowledge, as I’m currently coding 2D games in Game Maker Studio 2, and experimenting with Shaders too.


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