Why C# is Better than C++


Do you know why C# is better than C++?

Some people would say it is because C sharp has the dot-net framework. Frameworks tend to improve efficiency.

Efficiency is great with Java because of all the code libraries floating around on the internet.

C# uses the Microsoft dot-net framework. And C# lets you use web forms or the model-view-controller framework to build websites and web services on MS Servers.

Moving away from Microsoft’s Web Forms is a major selling point. MVC is such a major advancement that it is standard for everything from Java to JavaScript.

It sounds like wouldn’t consider interoperability with Microsoft a major selling point.

Around twenty percent of all personal computers still use Windows XP.

And a whole lot of corporate servers still use Windows server software. And those companies pay you a lot if you can use C# instead of ASP.net.

ASP.net is so obsolete that the ASP language itself isn’t used. At least Fortran is still running on NASA servers somewhere, while forty year old Lisp found new life animating zombie chat bots.

Since C# is based on C, you can use it to program everything from enterprise wide applications delivered through a Sharepoint portal to desktop applications.

Most of the C# libraries are written in C.

C was one of the first major programming languages, and it is still big today. You can write anything from operating system files to device drivers to games in it.

Theoretically, you could do all of that except the device drivers in Java.

C# is close to Java.

I could say Latin is close to Italian, but learning Latin doesn’t mean I could walk around on a Roman holiday and casually chat people up.

Learning C gives you a good basis in C++ or C#, regardless of whether or not you want to work on the Microsoft platform.

So C# is universal.

Pretty much. It can even deliver web based apps to iOS PCs that were written in Objective C.


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  1. Saying that C# or C++ is better depends on the person. Everyone is different from each other, so they might have different views on a certain coding language.

  2. These 2 languages aren't better than each other persay, one is going to be better at certain tasks than the other, so really it depends on what you are using it for….

  3. C# is not efficient if by efficient you mean slightly easier to program then yes, but c++ is way faster. C++ was also based off of C.

  4. Lower level languages is better for writing code meant to process data quickly, while higher level languages are better suited to quickly building user interfaces. It's as simple as that really. Higher level languages often have a lot of unnecessary code for operations that slows down calculations, making it unsuitable for real-time rendering and data processing, especially if there is a large amount of tasks to compute.

  5. Unity 3D uses C# to do GREAT stuffs and Games… all depends on what you what to do…
    but of course… nothing compares to c++… you can do ANYTHING with it… by the way, if you find a good framework to do something interesting, and that framework allows you to use C#… go for it…


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