Why C++ is Better Than C# with Kate Gregory


Kate Gregory explains in language that a C# guy can understand, what is cool about C++

She then explains:

– Templates vs Generics
– Libraries
– C++ AMP
– C# Bottlenecks/Pitfalls
– Unit Testing — Testing code with code
– Bad Habits with Clients
– Visual Studio
– Writing for iPhones/iPads


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  1. ok although i would trust this person with the programming knowledge that she has and the role in the job.. i would frown at her company's policy on health of employees … Like dang Guys Programmer Intellectual aka Nerds are our gold mine Do Not let them get Fat

  2. C++ rules. C# and Objective C are just tricks (Java on Android too). Microsoft and Apple could have always just used C++ but they didn't want programs written to run on their platforms to be ported to run on their competitor's platforms. They correctly figured that if they got programmers to write in a proprietary language then their programs would be trapped on their platforms. So both Microsoft and Apple issued their own proprietary stripped down versions of C++.

  3. hmmhhmhmhm… I pREfer scraTcH

    no, but the program I used for the random capitalization was written in python by me, I'm still learning. You have to import the random module and then you can create a random integer each time you iterate through the input string. that will serve as a key value. then you can use the key combined with .lower() and then .upper() and then add it all to a list using append or enumerate. then you print ' '.join(thelist). Have a nice day.

  4. Lmao environment doesn't fit programming. Now I know where to go If I need a lecture in C++ just go to a harley davidson bike shop

  5. Manual memory allocation is bad? Well it gives you control. I've never done anything huge in C, but as far as I know there is no managed code for memory allocation in C. And C works fine as a langauge.

  6. C++ is faster, doesn’t mean it is necessarily better. The choice of a PL comes down to what you’re making, it’s extremely dumb to generalize language as to “this is better than this”

  7. UE4 C++ bigger games,better optimalization…
    Unity C# look at escape from tarkov at customs map …. 😀 😀 😀 it's a joke about it self lol they will never do any optimalization on this game because they are already doing maximum. LOL C# is joke.

  8. Both languages are great, but for most applications I'd go with C#. And for the kind of application she uses C++ with, I'd use Python instead.

  9. I have written a detailed blog-post about the necessity of C++ in a diverse array of sectors. Keep some time in hand and check it out: https://aprogrammersexperience.blogspot.com/2017/06/beginners-confusion-why-should-i-learn-c.html

  10. I was into c++ like no one else.. But the thing is although c++ programs run slightly faster , it's Not worth the humongous amount of hours to write a Code that c# has shorter syntaxes for… and considering the Hardware These days are getting better and better in Performance, you do bot really Need c++…. But Most of the ppl. Won't agree because Most of Them don't Want to learn a New language and it is fine… everyone should do what they think it is right…

  11. I'm trying to learn programing. so I don't care witch one better I watch these videos lo learn the difference. thanks for it but that audio was killing me.

  12. I like (and use) both languages, and without even talking about which one is better, my personal favorite is C++. But the reality is that there are more C# development opportunities these days so I've been using C# more lately. I haven't had any C++ projects in years now although I'm still hopeful that I'd get one sooner or later…


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