Why C# is the Best Language for the Future


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Why you should learn C#

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  1. I totally agree. I can't think of a programming language that can rival C#. If you are going to learn a .NET language I recommend C#, certainly not VB .NET.

  2. I've just watched this video and this has made my day. I started .net 18 years ago and was employed for 14 years as a .net developer. The last 4 years or so I haven't done anything due to ill health so I have fallen behind a bit. My plan is to get up to speed with Core 3 and I was kind of worried about whether or not Core had gained enough traction in the industry as the previous .net framework or whether if .net was actually slowly dying but this has opened my eyes quite a bit. Thanks for the video.?

  3. The only thing that prevents me from migrating to C # is their library crap for machine learning, they are ridiculously verbose compared to Python. However, I think this language has a bright future.

  4. Hold on not alk open sotce development is for fre, iirc a few kernel devs are/where paid by redhat, but yea geberaky you ar right

  5. i agree. im a hobby a programmer because i love building stuff and automating stuff around the house with arduino/raspberry pi. i wanted to learn front-end web development for a long time because thats the most portable way of making ui for my applications and so i tried learning angular and react multiple times but i always dropped them because of how overcomplicated and retarded they are. not to mention that it changes every 2 years and then theres the pure cancer that is javascript. that was the case until i heard about blazor. its soooo good and so easy to use its insane. i can write components and services easily without having to make like 5 files per component and without changing 10 different config files just for the component to show up. you can also share backend code with the front-end which means you dont have to write stuff like validation logic twice. its amazing. it made me love front-end development even though that was my most hated part of my projects.

  6. You sound like that actor in shameless who runs auto repair shop …i forgot his name though… But to your DEV REPAIR SHOP we come to fix our's

  7. People that talk about python are newbs that don't know anything.

    I say this all the time but more politely.

    I refer to python programmers as 'early in their journey'

  8. C# as a syntax is the best language I’ve used aside from JS with es6+ practices. Not a fan of any of the runtimes for C# … although, dotnet core is better than the rest … Java is gross, don’t get me started.

  9. I want python people to hear this. 6:34.
    I don't know why some people compare python to C#.
    Python is nothing compare to C#.
    Before comparing languages, compare their IDE's first and then talk, you python's people.
    No one can beat 'Visual Studio' in terms of IDE features n all.

  10. Hi, Thanks for making this video. really insightful. I was also thinking the same. instead of c# i see my self moving into golang. what are your views on it?

  11. Let me tell you all that I’m so happy that I taught myself C# and .NET. I’m now a professional software developer and it took me 6 months to get a developer job but I studied and built full stack apps, wrote console apps to run processes and learned entity framework. Also I learned front end as I have to build a website for my company every couple of months too. I’m glad I found Chris early in my career.

  12. "….You dont have to keep relearning it every ** month." LOL I think the same thing every couple months when I do a new project.

  13. I think vue.js is better then react it is stable and the company behind it really think about developpers before making any change

  14. Python is my first love but I'm thinking about learning C# because its the only dev job from where I live and relocating is not really an option for me right now

  15. Off topic from the video, but how do you feel about learning C purely for getting a finer grasp of programming concepts? Maybe not to build full fledge applications, but as a way to understand the nuances of programming in general and how a computer works. Would it be worth it to learn C for those reasons?


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