Zoo Tycoon 2 – Ep. 1 – Getting Ready for Planet Zoo


As we get ready for the Beta of Planet Zoo, Let’s start a Zoo early 2000’s style. with Zoo Tycoon 2

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  1. WOW.. 20,000 Views. My most watched video on the channel. In comparison none of the follow up videos got anywhere close to this which means a lot never continued past this one. Do you guys want me to continue this series?

  2. Maybe I had like no life, but I spent all my time playing this game. For one. I think all enclosures need to be closed off with fencing.

  3. I used to play this game when I was younger lol. I would try to build down as far as I can then fill it with water. Ah, memories.

  4. Who else is here because corona virus has you trapped in your house reminiscing childhood games hence why I’m here

  5. I used to love playing this game when I was a kid, but my zoo would have a lot of problems and complaints because I didn't really know how to read english lol. would love to play this again as an adult, it still looks like fun!

  6. I know this was posted almost 2 month ago, gotta binge watch the rest of this series but just wanted to say love the Bring It On reference xd

  7. I've been doing the same thing! Still have my disk from the complete collection and I found a download for the original 2001 with the two expansion packs and they run on my Windows 10.
    Anyway, super excited to see how you play, this is the first if your videos that I've found. So far so good 🙂 I'm enjoying. I agree with the janky controls ?
    A little hint I use to get the zt2 map ready is to go to a biome rush, usually desert, turn on bushes and turn off trees and rocks and then click shallow water and use it to paint the whole map. It flatters the whole thing and removes all the rocks and plants. Great for campaign mode.

  8. Heey man, good to see you are playing zt2. Back in the old days I never had a problem with the controls. But when I started playing it again after I played Planet Coaster it felt horrible.
    I really don't want to bother you. But really check out the modding community. It makes the game infinitly better.
    I'll post a link down here to my own tread. Check it out if you want to. I suggest if you look at it look at some of the more recent pages.
    Check it out if you want to pal.
    Looking forward to the next one.

    also the game has a lot of restrictions, like not being able to put everything anywhere you want. With mods you can!
    Contact me if you need help, I'd love to help and see you enjoy the full potential of the game 🙂


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