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Live Chart/Graph using LiveCharts control help you create c# graphs and charts windows application using c# chart control.

Live Charts is Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful data visualization for .Net. LiveCharts is just data visualization but built and for everyone. Enter data in DataGridView, then generate a pie chart from data in DataGridView using windows forms chart.


Through this video you will learn the following topics:

As you know, Live Charts is a net chart library supports c# real time chart, you can use the LiveCharts.WinForms to create c# pie chart.

This video show you how do i use the livecharts library in c#, include the way to download net charting library from the nuget, then using live charts c# to add live chart column chart through chart in c# windows application.

First off, you need to create a new project live chart winform, then install c# chart library open source from the manage nuget packages, then add c# chart datasource through the c# chart example in winforms chart.

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  1. Not Working Man I Dont Know Why

    SeriesCollection Series = new SeriesCollection();

    foreach (var obj in data.Revenue)

    Series.Add(new PieSeries() { Title = obj.Year.ToString(), Values = new ChartValues<int> { obj.Earning }, DataLabels = true, LabelPoint = labelPoint });

    pieChart1.Series = Series;

    I Am having error In data.Revenue in foreach

  2. Hello
    i need help
    how to released memory after form closed c#
    i want released the memory winch allocated by form can you make one video on that
    thanks in Advance

  3. Again nice video!!!! Congrats for your work!
    Can you help with this problem: Unclosed quotation mark after the character string "

  4. Thank you so much ! love you in the future of countinue it – you can show how to learn machine to detect own picture for example detect logo fox learn on pictures 🙂 You forgot about that 🙁


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